Wednesday Night Net

The Columbia Amateur Radio Club has suspended the Wednesday night net effective 10/3/2019. We will start back up the net sometime in the near future so check back here often. Thanks

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Harbison 50K

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Proper Use of the SC Call Talk Group on DMR

Please click here and read the what the proper use of the SC CALL talk group is.

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RMS Titanic Radio Room

We all know on April 15 1912 in the early morning hours the Titanic hit an iceberg and sank. This is a picture of the Titanic radio room, it has been colorized but other then that it is a real picture.

Can you identify ANY of the radio equipment ?, not looking for brand names but what its function was would be interesting I think.

If you have some ideas just click on the contact button up top and I will share your ideas here as they come in.

8/18/2019 K4CAE, David points us to a very interesting article written by Rhonda Berenson. What we are looking at in this picture is the “Marconi Room” very interesting reading indeed. Click HERE for the article.

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