Winter Field Day Jan 26, 27 and 28 2018

Winter field day is scheduled for Jan 26, 27 and 28 2018. Everyone is invited

Event held at Weston Lake on the side of Ft Jackson off Leesburg Rd

Weston Lake, Hopkins, SC 29061

GPS Coordinates  N 33°59’54.7    W 80°49’08.3

When you get to the entrance look for signs to the main event, look for CARC signs


Friday:  Campers arrive and start set-up in the afternoon.  Help is welcome Friday afternoon.

Saturday:  Morning will be antenna erection and set-up.  If you would like to see HF antennas erected Saturday morning is the time.  At 2:00 PM we will start talking and go til 2:00 PM Sunday.  So come out Saturday and/or Sunday.

If you miss this outing you will miss a great learning experience and a lot of fun.

Remember to bring your own food and drinks.  

Technicians that come out and make only one HF contact will have their name in the drawing for a dual band HT radio to be given away at the February Club Meeting.

Talk in freq:  147.330

Weston Lake talk around simplex:  146.400

We looking forward to meeting you.

Gary Anderson  K4HGA


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Column: HAM? HAM radio? ham radio? Amateur Radio? amateur radio!

Dan, KB6NU

On the ARRL PR mailing list, we’ve been discussing the proper way to refer to amateur radio. What brought this up was an email from one list subscriber, Richard, WB6NAH, who was (rightfully) proud of the work that his club—the Skagit Amateur Radio Emergency Communications Club—was doing. He noted that they were even featured in the police department’s emergency preparedness brochure:

The brochure refers to “HAM radio” and “HAM radio operators.”

Referring to amateur radio in this way just drives me crazy. “Ham radio” is just a nickname for amateur radio, and “HAM” is certainly not an acronym for anything. I congratulated Richard on getting his club included in the brochure, but noted, “…it’s not HAM radio! It’s either ‘amateur radio’ or ‘ham radio’ (ham is not an acronym). I hate to be nitpicky about this, but as a professional writer, this usage just drives me crazy.”

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Gallery: Field Day 2017

The Columbia Amateur Radio Club held Field Day on Lake Murray this year.

Photos by Jim Donelan, W4KNI.

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Gallery: Winter Field Day 2017

The Columbia Amateur Radio Club participated in Winter Field Day on Saturday, Jan. 28.

More than 30 amateurs joined in the fun at the home of W4THA, where we operated in moderate temperatures outdoors with at least nine transmitters.

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