Oct. 5 meeting cancelled!

The Columbia Amateur Radio Club’s October 5 meeting has been cancelled because of flooding in the midlands. Please check our website, and the weekly club nets on Sunday and Wednesday evenings at 8:30 p.m. for updates on club activities.

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1st Annual Go-Kit Competition and Exhibition

Tunnamedhe Columbia Amateur Radio Club is excited to announce their First Annual Go-Kit Competition and Exhibition:

When: Saturday, November 7th
Where: Rear parking lot of SCETV
Set-up: 8am – 9am
Demo and exhibition: 9am – until, judging will begin at 9am sharp,
Location: 1101 George Rogers Blvd, Columbia, SC
Talk-in: 147.330+ 156.7hz (W4CAE repeater)
Event frequency: 146.400 simplex

Competitors and exhibitors: Please register using the form here.


1. Required:

  • A power source
  • A transceiver
  • An antenna system

2. Optional:

  • Microphone
  • Personal safety/survival items
  • Personal comfort items

3. Each contestant will have three minutes to explain/demonstrate their go-kit.

4. Points will be awarded based on:

  • Communications capability
  • Emergency preparedness/survival capability
  • Fun factor

5. Judges scores/decisions are final, no exceptions

6. Prizes

  • First place: Prize pack from the Columbia Amateur Radio Club
  • Second place: Prize pack from Universal Survival Innovations
  • Third place: Consolation prize pack

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Field Day QSO totals and scores (estimated)


The following results are unofficial and may change after they are submitted to the ARRL. Note, ARRL Field Day bonus points have not been factored in the below scores.

Band	Mode	QSOs	Pts
----	----	----	----
3.5	LSB	141	141
3.5	CW	24	48
7	LSB	417	417
7	CW	87	174
14	CW	1	2
14	RTTY	43      86
14	USB	184	184
21	CW	19	38
21	USB	31	31
28	USB	8	7
28	CW	26	52
50	USB	15	15

Total QSOs: 996
Raw score (no multipliers or bonuses): 1195

CARC had a strong finish this year, logging more QSOs than the previous two years. Although we posted big numbers, we had less digital and CW QSOs this year than the previous two. Digital and CW contacts are two points each, while voice contacts are a single point.

While activity was decent across all bands, 40 meters provided nearly 600 QSOs on both CW and voice — far more contacts than any other band.

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A look back at Field Day 2015

fd_2015_1The Columbia Amateur Radio Club held its annual Field Day exercise on June 27-28 at the Sandy Run emergency operations center in Calhoun County.

An estimated 50 or more amateurs and club members attended the event and operators stayed up during the 24-hour period making voice, digital and Morse code contacts with amateurs across the nation.

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