Harbison 50K Details for Jan 8 2022 6:30am

The Harbison 50k director has reached out would love to have us again for 2022, this will be our 10th year supporting this event!!

We’ll need around 15 people to work the event properly.

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Harbison 50K Event

Every year we have radio operators from across the state and our neighbors from other states come and enjoy a day in the forest. Bring a chair, hand warmers, lunch box and don’t forget your 2 meter radio. As the runners go by they will wave and thank you for being there. Check in with net control and get yourself a little outdoor therapy

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2021 Year in Pictures

CARC Year in Pictures. CLICK

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Mike Magnuson N7ETA Amateur Radio Operator of the year 2021

Dan Cunningham K9DBC President    Mike Magnuson N7ETA    Jim Lathan W4JLP President Elect

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Digital Messaging for Technicians

If you would like to be put in touch with a mentor then click here.

Link to Winlink, click here

Link to the DRA-50 sound card, click here

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November Operating Day

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Net Control Manager program

The Sunday night net was logged into a program called Net Control Manager and here is the “mapping” feature. A logging program like this could be used for ARES exercises or special events.


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