Central SC CARC Simplex Net

So, just what is simplex? When we use the term simplex, we’re talking about radio to radio communication directly, without using a repeater.

Why should we care about simplex? We know there is always the possibility of an emergency which can make normal communication systems inoperable. This might include telephone, internet and local VHF/UHF repeaters. Similarly, such an emergency can result in any or all of these systems becoming overloaded with traffic. In either case, Simplex may be the only option available for communication and passing of mes sages.

The Central SC CARC Simplex Net exists to provide an opportunity to learn and practice simplex skills. If local repeaters are out of service, who would you be able to contact and who could contact you? We certainly don’t want to wait until an emergency to find out.

This net is conducted on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of each month at 7:30 PM on frequency 146.400. All licensed operators are welcome and encouraged to participate.

Important things to keep in mind for simplex:

Depending on your location and station characteristics, you may not hear anyone immediately at the start time of the net. After 15-20 minutes into the net, if you still have not been able to hear a net control station (NCS), please make a call to see if anyone on frequency can hear you. If they can, ask them to relay your check-in.

For simplex, we encourage participants to listen for and offer relays to those who may be struggling to check in. These are habits we can and should develop in the simplex net which can help us be successful in time of need. 

Checking in by area (see the Simplex Check In Areas PDF below) is encouraged. Why?

Different from a repeater net, when using simplex, stations are less able to hear one another. As such, the likelihood of doubling (or tripling) increases. While we accept that some doubling is likely, it makes sense to try to keep it to a minimum as it delays check-ins and prolongs the net.

When we take check-ins by area, it’s more likely that people can hear other nearby stations, especially when we turn the squelch down on our radios. This is helpful to copy weaker stations (consider someone using an HT, or situated in a low-lying area) and more distant stations (perhaps a station in a different county) attempting to check in directly with the NCS or with the assistance of a relaying station. 

Every effort will be made to run Netlogger during this net. You can follow along and use the AIM chat feature to add comments, etc. Even if you are not able to check-in by radio, you can leave a note in the AIM window. We can use that to identify coverage gaps and consider how we might improve coverage for those areas.

Lastly, if you know someone else who is interested in learning/practicing simplex, please encourage them to participate in this net.


Sunday evenings @ 9:00 Ridge Amateur Radio Club

Ridge Amateur Radio Club 9pm simplex net 146.550 then moving to the 147.255 + 123.0 repeater then moving to 10m 28.360


Central SC CARC Simplex Check In Areas

Central SC CARC Simplex Readability Summary


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