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Former CARC president, John Crockett, W3KH, SK at age 69


It is with deep regret that we inform you of the passing of John Crockett, W3KH. After a long bout with cancer, John passed peacefully the morning of Oct. 12, surrounded by his beloved family and wife, Karen. John and Karen had their 40th wedding anniversary days before.

Amateur radio and emergency communications …

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Bugging Out: Packs and bags

By Jay Leeper, W4TFX

One of the most difficult tasks, and one needing several attempts to find the right one, is choosing a bag or pack that will contain the gear required for a successful go-kit or bug-out bag (BOB).

Consider the bag itself. There are many on the market, from hard shell to military …

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Presentation: 40M NVIS Antenna

Steve, KI4VGA, gave a presentation at our October meeting on how to construct a 40M NVIS antenna. You can download the presentation here:

40M NVIS Antenna

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Column: Readability Reports

We are carrying KB6NU’s monthly column here on our website and newsletter. For those of you who don’t know Dan, he’s the author of the free “No-Nonsense Study Guides” for all three license classes, and he’s written several books, of interest to hams. Learn more at his website, kb6nu.com.

5…4…3…2…1: Readability Reports By Dan Romanchik, KB6NU

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Presentation: Stealth Antennas by Marty, AG3EK

Marty Allred, AG3EK, gave a presentation on stealth antennas at the Columbia Amateur Radio Club’s July 11 meeting.

Download: Stealth Antennas by Marty, AG3EK

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Presentation: Introduction to Operating Digital Modes

Andy, KK4DSD, presented “An Introduction to Operating Digital Modes” during the club’s August 1 meeting.

Download the presentation

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Welcome to the new W4CAE site!

The board of directors for the Columbia Amateur Radio Club is proud to announce the launch of our newly-developed website!

Our website has long been an invaluable resource for new hams, club members, net participants and those seeking a ham radio license. Getting information out to club members and the ham community is more important …

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