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Winlink Workshop

The SEC-ARES group conducts Winlink training that many operators can learn from. Please click on the WINLINK tab above for a list of the training conducted so far and links to the recordings.

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Winlink Vara FM contact

Fill in the blanks and then click on submit. Someone will be in touch with you.

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Winlink P2P Group

If you would like to join please send an email to [email protected] and ask for an invite to the slack channel. We are also experimenting with JS8call as the “on radio” platform to coordinate our activities in the event of no internet.

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Harbison 50K Event 2021

The Harbison 50k director has reached out and we’re going to be providing communications again!

Here are the details you’ll need at this point:

When – Saturday, January 9th

Where – Harbison State Forest

Pre-event meeting – 6:00am at the Ranger Station in the middle of the park

Race Starts  – 7:00am from the field …

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Station Grounding & Bonding

Kevan attended the clubs August 2020 meeting and his presentation was very very interesting. Not at such a high level like some presentations but at a level we could implement his suggestions and understand why.

Note: all of the club business, opining and show and tell has been edited out by K4LLE. Which means …

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There is an LF beacon operating in the Columbia area. It can be received out to about 200 miles via groundwave – much further with skywave. This station is operating as a proof of concept Low Frequency alerting station, as part of a DHS SHARES trial program.   Our Amateur HF community knows that long-range emergency communications  can …

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RMS Titanic Radio Room

We all know on April 15 1912 in the early morning hours the Titanic hit an iceberg and sank. This is a picture of the Titanic radio room, it has been colorized but other then that it is a real picture.

Can you identify ANY of the radio equipment ?, not looking for …

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