New FCC RF safety rules for ham radio – May 3 2021

N2RJ does a great job of explaining this for us.


  1. Before May 3 2021 anything transmitting less then 100 watts was exempt from doing an RF Exposure checklist.
  2. After May 3 2021 everything, even QRP transmitters needs to have an RF Exposure checklist done and kept on file at your QTH.
  3. RF exposure is about safety more then RF interference (RFI). If you are running an amplifier and the antenna is on a tripod next to your chair, you really need to think about what all that RF energy is doing to your eyeballs… No kidding.
  4. For stations already in place, that evaluation must be completed by May 3, 2023. After May  3 of this year, any new station, or any existing station modified in a way that’s likely to change its RFE profile — such as different antenna or placement or greater power — will need to conduct an evaluation by the date of activation or change.
  5. The CARC has operators with plenty of experience on doing an RF Exposure checklist so don’t get concerned if some of this looks difficult. Attend our Sunday night net at 8:30p and ask net control for help, someone will contact you and take you through it. All you really need is a tape measure.
  6. ARRL RF safety page, just click here.

Click on the video for the full story.

ARRL video on RF Exposure Rules..

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