March Columbia Amateur Radio Club Meeting


The featured March presenter is Rober Bretzmen, found of TGIF DMR Network and Hotspots. Robert discussed his starting of TGIF Network and his Hotspots

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TGIF Dashboard

TGIF Dashboard

Member Spotlight

Bill, W4FSV

Bill’s kits are complete with all parts, high-quality American circuit boards, reasonable prices, and personal service and support. Have Fun!


Tonight’s Show and Tell

Newest Leixen VV-898SP 25W Ultra Compact Backpack Radio

Note: if you need program software, please contact us freely.
25W Amateur Car Radio Transceiver with 12000 mAh Battery Built-in Dual-PTT Mic

Something New about the updated version:
1.  The microphone is dual PTT (It can transmit in VHF and UHF at the same time)
2.  Both the MIC and the transceiver have speakers. You can shift the receiver with an on-off key.
    (Both the MIC and transceiver can receive from others.)
3.  The “Temperature Fairy” can automatically work when the temperature is over 45 degrees centigrade.

Main Feature:
1.     Portable and mobile. The mobile, with its own battery (12000 Mah) to keep working, is designed to take out!
2.     You just need to charge the capacity full at home over 6 hours, then it can continuously work for over 4 hours. Its standby time is over 12 hours.
3.     It is designed to put on your pack bag or any handbag so that you can get your hands free and concentrate on the surrounding environment.
4.     It is a 25 W ham amateur transceiver to confirm the long-distance communication 

Package including:
1* TC-B25W (with built-in battery 12000 mAh)
1* transceiver Charger (We offer EUR and Us Plug)
1* Car mobile charger
1* Microphone
1* Instruction
1* UHF-Male Antenna
1* Right-angle Coaxial Adapter (SL16(UHF) Male TO SL16(UHF) Female) 

1.  12000 mAh battery built-in
2.  12A Li-ion battery for 25W radio
3.  Radiator Fan
4. Frequency Range: 136-174/400-470 MHz
5.  Mini Size: 200*150*45 mm
6.  Weight: 1160 G
7.  Channel Capacity: 199
8.  Output Power: 25 W
9.  Battery capacity: 12000 mAh
10.  Can continuously working hour for Approx 4 Hours
11.  The Standby Time: Approx 12 Hours
12.   Operation Mode: Simplex
13.   Modulation Limitation: ≤±5KHz
14.    Spurious Radiation: 60dB
15.    TX Current: 1A/1.8A
16.    Frequency Stability: ±2.5PPM
17.    RX Sensitivity: <0.18μV
18.    Modulation Type: F3E
19.    Audio Power: ≥400mW
20.    Standby Current: 78mA(Power saving mode is 30mA)
21.    Rated Voltage: 13.8V
More Functions
1. Dual band:136-174MHz/400-470MHz/245MHz(Receive only)
2. Dual Reception/Dual Display
3. Voice Companding and Scrambler
4. Multi silent mode (QT/QTADT/QTXDT) 107 groups DCS/58 groups CTCSS
5. DTMF encoding and DTMF decoding
6. PTT ID(Voice broadcast PTT ID)
7. All calls, group calls, and selective calls
8. Monitor, RX Inhibit, RXTX Inhibit, and Emergency Alarm
9. FM Radio(87.5MHz-108MHz)
10. Scan/Scan add
11. Channel name edit available
12. 199 memory channels13. High/Low power(25W/20W)
14. APO(Auto Power Off)
15. TOT(Time-out timer)
16. Font Set(Big/Small)17. VOX(Level adjustable)
18. Busy channel lockout
19. Keyboard lock (Auto/Manual)
20. Multi scan mode (TO/CO/SE)
21. Channel steps (2.5K/5K/6.25K/10K/12.5K/25K)
22. Wide/Narrowband selection (25KHz/12.5KHz)
23. TX Stop
24. Talk Around
25. Beat frequency

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