Bringing Scalable Millimeter-Wave Networks and Applications to the Masses

Our very own Angelo AC2BC is hosting, as IEEE Section Chair, a presentation on the application of mmWaves (EHF, 30 to 300 GHz). While it obviously a bit techie, but no heavy math, or equations, it is intended for a audience of broad backgrounds. It will have radio issues of interest to many Hams. It is open to all, registration is free. The presentation will be held next Tuesday evening (3/15) at 7PM and held virtually

Topic: Internet-of-Things (IoT) systems play an integral role in our daily lives, and we are currently witnessing an explosion of the IoT ecosystem, which includes not only smartphones but also smart, ubiquitous objects embedded with communication, computation, and sensing capabilities. Emerging IoT systems, such as autonomous vehicles, immersive virtual and augmented reality, tactile internet, holoportation, and smart, connected buildings, promise to automate human lives at unprecedented levels this decade. However, such systems rely on two critical foundations: (1) Next-generation wireless network architectures that can serve billions of devices; and (2) Ubiquitous sensing techniques that enable the objects to be “truly smart” by understanding and interpreting the ambient conditions and micro-activities with high precision.

Sanjib Sur’s research team has been building these two foundations. They design, develop, and deploy experimental data-driven computational and deep learning models to extract intelligence from wireless signals, which, in turn, enable ubiquitous sensing modalities and high-resilience and high-performance networks. In this talk, Sanjib will go through some of the design and prototyping of our current works that use extremely high-frequency millimeter-wave wireless to enable wire-like connectivity and reliability, and applications in healthcare and beyond-visions.

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