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July 2019

DateDayNet Controller
KN4KRZ, Mark
KN4NYG, Hensley
3-JulyWednesdayAA3TE, Jay
7-JulySundayAA3TE, Jay
10-JulyWednesdayW4EAE, Ryan
14-JulySundayK9DBC, Dan
17-JulyWednesdayKB4IAN, Brian
21-JulySundayKM4TDM, John
24-JulyWednesdayKN4IMX, Will
28-JulySundayN4BQQ, Mike
31-JulyWednesdayKN4NYG, Hensley

Some of our Net Controllers prefer to simply write down the callsigns,  first name and location as folks check in. Others prefer to use a program called Netlogger. If you want to download Netlogger onto your computer and use it that’s fine or go with a pencil and paper (you can use the net logging sheet below if you like).  This is why it is important to speak slowly when you check into a net. The Net Controller is either writing down your callsign, name, location or typing it into their computer and he/she wants to get the information correct the first time.

At the end of the net the Net Controller is expected to have the following information:

  • Number of check in’s
  • Number of announcements (also called traffic)

Also the Net Controller is expected to write down a short description of each announcement so that he/she can repeat the announcement at the end of the net.

If the Net Controller does decide to use Netlogger you can follow along with the check in’s by running Netlogger on your computer.

If you are interested in becoming a CARC affiliated Net Controller, please contact us by clicking contact above.

NEW Net Announcement Procedure

With the increase of check-ins our nets are lasting longer.  In an effort to reduce the overall time required to participate in a net, we are making a change in the announcement procedure.

Going forward, the net controller will first, briefly announce ONLY the next two or three upcoming CARC events of interest and say “The details can be found on the club website,”  Then, the net controller will ask for any fills and for additional announcements not on the website.  The time for announcements will be shortened, and our folks will get the information they need.

The webpage,, is being kept up to date and is a very useful tool.  Please check it out.  If you see anything missing or incorrect on the website, please contact our Webmaster, Pete K4LLE, by email at, or click on the CONTACT button above or speak to any of the club officers.

Thank you in advance for your attention to this new procedure.



Order of events

  1. Emergency or Priority Traffic
  2. Announcements
  3. Short-time & Mobile check-ins
  4. Regular check-in in alphabetical order by call sign suffix
  5. Discussion
  6. Summary

General information

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