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November 2018

DateDayNet Controller
K9DBC, Dan
N4EHT, Elaine
KN4IMX, Will
14-NovemberWednesdayKI4LKG, David
18-NovemberSundayKM4TDM, John
21-NovemberWednesdayKN4NYG, William
25-NovemberSundayKM4VWS, William
28-NovemberWednesdayAA3TE, Jay

Some of our Net Controllers prefer to simply write down the callsigns,  first name and location as folks check in. Others prefer to use a program called Netlogger. If you want to download Netlogger onto your computer and use it that’s fine or go with a pencil and paper (you can use the net logging sheet below if you like).  This is why it is important to speak slowly when you check into a net. The Net Controller is either writing down your callsign, name, location or typing it into their computer and he/she wants to get the information correct the first time.

At the end of the net the Net Controller is expected to have the following information:

  • Number of check in’s
  • Number of announcements (also called traffic)


Also the Net Controller is expected to write down a short description of each announcement so that he/she can repeat the announcement at the end of the net.

If the Net Controller does decide to use Netlogger you can follow along with the check in’s by running Netlogger on your computer.

If you are interested in becoming a CARC affiliated Net Controller, please contact our net manager

Gary Anderson




Order of events

  1. Emergency or Priority Traffic
  2. Announcements
  3. Short-time & Mobile check-ins
  4. Regular check-in in alphabetical order by call sign suffix
  5. Discussion
  6. Summary

General information

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