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CARC Net Schedule

Net Schedules and Information

November 2017

1-Nov.WednesdayK4LLE, Pete
5-Nov.SundayKM4VWS, William
8-Nov.WednesdayKB4IAN, Brian
12-Nov.SundayKG4KOW, Michael
15-Nov.WednesdayKI4VRO, Bruce
19-Nov.SundayKM4TDM, John
22-Nov.WednesdayAA3TE, Jay
26-Nov.SundayK9DBC, Dan
29-Nov.WednesdayKI4LKG, David

Want to follow along with the CARC NET logins in real-time and begin to learn all the names, callsigns, and QTHs? Download and install the Netlogger software. You may also want to download the current (as of July 2013) club profile for Netlogger containing the names and station information of CARC members. Download CARC_prf.zip and unzip it. Place the file “CARC.prf” into the directory where Netlogger.exe is installed on your computer.

If you are interested in becoming a CARC affiliated Net Control, please contact our net manager, Gary Anderson, K4HGA (803-603-6556).


Order of events

  1. Emergency or Priority Traffic
  2. Announcements
  3. Short-time & Mobile check-ins
  4. Regular check-in in alphabetical order by call sign suffix
  5. Discussion
  6. Summary

General information

All CARC repeaters require a PL tone of 156.7Hz for access. The system consists of the following repeaters:

Fort Jackson (I-20/I-77 corridor) 146.775 repeater -600 khz input
Columbia Metro 147.330 repeater +600 khz input

All amateur radio operators with the privileges to operate on these frequencies are encouraged to check in to the CARC nets at least monthly. Your participation is vital and provides communications training for future emergencies. All local amateur radio operators are encouraged to monitor the CARC repeaters while traveling in the area so out of town hams might be assisted if needed. In the event of threatening weather or other emergency situations being declared or undeclared, the regular nets will be suspended until the threatening weather or the emergency has cleared the area or has been resolved. The Columbia Amateur Radio Repeater System serves as the backup repeater for the Midlands SKYWARN Region and may be called into use during a weather incident. ARES/RACES use our repeaters during drills and incidents.

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