Welcome to the new W4CAE site!

carclogonewThe board of directors for the Columbia Amateur Radio Club is proud to announce the launch of our newly-developed website!

Our website has long been an invaluable resource for new hams, club members, net participants and those seeking a ham radio license. Getting information out to club members and the ham community is more important now than it’s ever been, particularly with the influx of new hams in the area. The hobby is growing, and so is our club.

This new website has been designed to keep you informed as quickly as possible. Our new system lets us deploy news with a keystroke, from our mobile devices if we wish! Photo galleries, video, news, etc., can all be posted and shared here in minutes.

The new framework opens up possibilities: Feature articles, such as content authored by members; online polls, online event registrations, more emphasis on photography and video, blogging, article commenting, etc. The sky is the limit.

We’ve tried to keep the spirit of the old website alive, but you will notice some immediate changes. We have a new events/calendar system — glance at the right sidebar and you can see what’s coming up. Towards the bottom of the sidebar there is a great utility for checking the solar flux for propagation. We’ve refreshed the pages for new hams and the area nets. We’ve also placed the club roster online. Don’t forget to check out the great new photo/video galleries! You’ll also notice the site works well on your smartphone.

If you see any issues, please contact us.

A special thanks goes out to Thom, W4THA, for his tireless management of the previous website and his assistance in making the transition to our new look. We couldn’t have done it without him.


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