SC QSO Party™

February 24, 2024 @ 1500Z (10:00 am)

The Columbia Amateur Radio Club is the primary sponsor of the South Carolina QSO Party and is seeking volunteers to join the event and help cover as many counties as we can. There are 46 counties in our fine state and as a sponsor, we will be one of two bonus stations awarding highly coveted points.

Bonus Stations may be worked ONCE per BAND per MODE for bonus points. You may work a bonus station more than once per band per mode for additional QSO points and multipliers. You can work mobile Bonus Stations when the mobile station changes counties.

Example: You can work WW4SF/CHAR, WW4SF/GVIL, WW4SF/JASP, and WW4SF/HORR on 40m CW, but only the first contact with WW4SF on 40m CW will qualify for Bonus Station points. Likewise for all three modes.

Bonus Stations will be operated by approved club members during the SCQP. All Bonus Station operators will adhere to the “Bonus Station Operator’s Guidelines” which will be provided to each operator before the event.

For more information contact Jim W4JLP at [email protected]

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