Richland County ARES Simplex EmComm Exercise

Richland County ARES, with participation from the other EMA-3 counties, will be conducting an exercise to test their Simplex Emergency Communications plan and are asking for your help.

Date: Friday, 10/27/23

Time: 4:00

Frequency: 147.585 MHz


  • There has been a major event with significant destruction. All outside services are out, cell, power, etc., and roads are impassable.
  • You try your base station but find it is inoperable. You turn on your Mobile or HT and find that your repeaters are down.  
  • You desperately need help and tune to the Richland County simplex frequency 147.585. That is where this test exercise begins.

Exercise: (Your Part)

  • On Friday, 10/27, at 4:00, tune in to the Richland County simplex coordinating frequency 147.585 MHz using HT or mobile at a maximum of 10 watts.
  • A test emergency net will be established, and you will check in when your county is called.
  • Check-ins will be by county: Newberry, Fairfield, North Richland (those north of I-20), Kershaw, Calhoun, South Richland (those south of I-20), Lexington, and Saluda.


Verify that any ham operator in Richland County can reach help in times of emergency, from the general vicinity of their home and using basic ham gear.

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