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Contest Radio Review 2018

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Rodgers Workshop Feb 17 2018…End Feed Antenna

We had 10 folks there today, one pot of coffee, and two dozen donuts. 

Instructor Bill Minikiewicz contacted 17 countries recently over 5 days with his end fed antenna using CW.

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Nature Conservancy 2018

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Column: HAM? HAM radio? ham radio? Amateur Radio? amateur radio!

Dan, KB6NU

On the ARRL PR mailing list, we’ve been discussing the proper way to refer to amateur radio. What brought this up was an email from one list subscriber, Richard, WB6NAH, who was (rightfully) proud of the work that his club—the Skagit Amateur Radio Emergency Communications Club—was doing. He noted that they were even featured in the police department’s emergency preparedness brochure:

The brochure refers to “HAM radio” and “HAM radio operators.”

Referring to amateur radio in this way just drives me crazy. “Ham radio” is just a nickname for amateur radio, and “HAM” is certainly not an acronym for anything. I congratulated Richard on getting his club included in the brochure, but noted, “…it’s not HAM radio! It’s either ‘amateur radio’ or ‘ham radio’ (ham is not an acronym). I hate to be nitpicky about this, but as a professional writer, this usage just drives me crazy.”

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