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2021 Year in Pictures

CARC Year in Pictures. CLICK

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Mike Magnuson N7ETA Amateur Radio Operator of the year 2021

Dan Cunningham K9DBC President    Mike Magnuson N7ETA    Jim Lathan W4JLP President Elect

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Digital Messaging for Technicians

If you would like to be put in touch with a mentor then click here.

Link to Winlink, click here

Link to the DRA-50 sound card, click here

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November Operating Day

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Net Control Manager program

The Sunday night net was logged into a program called Net Control Manager and here is the “mapping” feature. A logging program like this could be used for ARES exercises or special events.

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Central SC CARC Simplex Net

Please join the 2m simplex net the first and third Wednesday at 7:30p on 146.400 Click for more info

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When to self ID

Riley Hollingsworth is the ARRL guy managing the Volunteer Monitor program and he has cleared up a few things about when you must self ID.

You must self ID once every 10 minutes if:

  1. You are using your own callsign
  2. You are using a club callsign, like W4CAE or K4EMD
  3. You are using a special event tactical callsign, like the ones we use for Harbison 50K or Tour De Cure
  4. You are using an ARES/Auxcomm tactical callsign, Like LEX EOC or State EOC

Of course you will self ID sooner if the event coordinator directs you to. In some events you might be asked to self ID on every transmission you make. An example would be “Net Control LEX EOC message body goes here K4LLE

You must self ID every 60 minutes if:

1 You are using an FCC issued 1×1 special event callsign. An Example is K2L. It is also suggested that you instead of every 60 minutes you self ID every 30 minutes just to be on the safe side. You should always follow the direction of the event coordinator.

FCC article on FCC issued 1×1 callsign, CLICK

There is no need to say “for ID” just say your callsign


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