Our Goals



The club is primarily a group of radio enthusiasts who gather to share their experiences and knowledge of radio equipment and operation and to have fun in the process.

The services of the club may be offered to the community as desired by the membership and the club will strive to be a good citizen, but radios and their operation are the focal point of the club.

Major objectives

The club will meet its objectives through training, sharing experiences and the involvement of all members. A program will be offered eleven months of the year.

The activities of the club will be designed to improve the skills of the operators and to elevate operating privileges of all club members to the highest level.

Meetings, activities and events will be conducted in a friendly helpful atmosphere and will address radio operation activities across the spectrum of amateur radio.

The contribution of all members will always be recognized regardless of license level or experience.

The quality and the operation of club equipment will be maintained to the highest standards for clubs in the state.

Organizational goals

  • Replace strong president organization with an executive team
  • Divide the club into functional divisions with an executive team member as the leader of each division
  • Establish written and published goals, objectives, progress measures, and progress reporting for the club and each division (reporting to be done on the website).
  • Provide a theme for each month that will be followed in the general meetings, the nets, and the website/newsletter.
  • Publish the club programs and plans at the beginning the year.
  • Use the website to publicize the programs, events and activities.
  • Build club membership.
  • Encourage active participation of the full membership.

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