Mike Michaelski KK4AIF shows us his personal “roll up bag”

Mike Michaelski KK4AIF shows us his personal “roll up bag” he uses when he is deployed with the SCBC Disaster Relief Mass Feeding team.

Mike has used this bag for Hurricane Matthew and Florence, he suggests we build this just to be prepared should we find ourselves in a bad situation.


You start with the empty roll up bag and number the compartments.

Then you take this list and collect all of the items

Bucket Boss Tool Roll (stock #70004)  Emergency/BOB/GHB
Top Row               
1  Four, Size Large, 7 Mil.  Nitrile Gloves ->Hardy Item 68505 :Harbor Freight
2  Strike Anywhere Matches in Waterproof Case ->UCO  MT-SM-CONT, UPC 54269-00035
3  CAT Tourniquet ->various vendors :Amazon
4  Sawyer Mini Water Filter and Tube ->: Amazon
5  SOL Emergency Blanket (1 person) ->: Amazon, Sportsmens Warehouse, Target, Wal-Mart
6  Fatlighter Stick ->: local or e-Bay
7  Gerber EVO-Jr Folding Pocket Knife ->: Amazon, Sportsmens Warehouse
8  Eight #2 Pencils (for writing and as tinder) ->: school supplies
9  Yellow Light Stick ->UST See-me light stick 2-pack: Wal Mart
10 Gerber or Ozark Trail Multi Tool ->Gerber:Amazon, Ozark Trail:Wal-Mart
11  Whistle w/ Compass, Magnifier & Thermometer, Two Pencil Sharpeners ->Coghlans No 0044: WalMart
Middle Row
1  Cotton Balls w/Vaseline (tinder) in Film Canister->: pharmacy almost anywhere
2  Sharpie Marker ->: office supplies, almost anywhere
3  Two Pens->: office supplies, almost anywhere
4  Fifteen 8″ Zip Ties, white or black – black resists UV better->Hyper Tough 43-308WMN: Wal-Mart; Lowes; Home Depot
5  BIC Lighter->BIC Classic: most any checkout counter
6  BIC Lighter ->    Ditto
7  Firestarter Steel, Swedish Firesteel 2.0 Army 5 kit ->Light My Fire brand:Amazon
8  Firestarter Rod ->part of above
10  Lip Balm ->: pharmacy almost anywhere
11  Griffin Pocket Multi-Tool ->: Amazon
12  Four 2″ Safety Pins, ->Walmart Sewing Dept, Dritz #AJM14376
13  Four 2″ Safety Pins, ->Ditto
14  Bottom of Pencils ->N/A
15  Paratinder Zipper Pull w/Signal Mirror wrapped in Duct Tape->UST Paratinder Zipper Pull, Starflash Micro: Amazon
16  Tube of Advil->: pharmacy almost anywhere
17  Toenail Clippers ->: Publix, standard stainless steel clippers
18  (Females) – Go Girl FUD, (Males) – 2 AA Batteries in Case->: Wal Mart; Backpacking Supply; Amazon
Bottom Row
1  Mini Swiss Army Knife (7 function)->Victorinox: Sportsmens Warehouse; Amazon
2  Four Q-tips in plastic bag->: pharmacy almost anywhere
3  Dental Flosser and Picks->: pharmacy almost anywhere
4  Mini Beam Focus Flashlight (1 AA battery), bottom of 8″ Zip Ties->: Lowes checkout
5  4″ Zip Ties (black resists UV rays longer)->Hyper Tough 46-404WMN: Wal-Mart; Lowes; Home Depot
6  Spare Batteries (2 AA batteries) in Case->: Wal Mart checkout item;Lowes, etc.
7  Flashlight (2 AA batteries)->Nitecore MT20A: Amazon
8  Mora Knive (4″ fixed blade) in Sheath->: Amazon; Sportsmens Warehouse
9  Sawyer Water Filter Plunger->: Amazon
10  Ozark Trail Folding Saw->: Wal Mart, similar available elsewhere
11  Quik Clot Compress Sponge 25g->: Amazon
12  Adventure Medical Kit .3->: Amazon
13  Gauze roll->    Out of AMK .3
  1. Survival Bandana,->UST brand, #20-PGR0001-08
  2. Rite-in-the-Rain notebook #935T->: Amazon
  3. Sawyer 16 oz Squeeze Bladder ->part of top row #4
  4. Clear Emergency Poncho->: Wal Mart, $.97 item in sporting goods


This is what you have when finished, just roll it up and you are ready to go.

Thanks Mike for another really cool idea.

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