July 15th CARC POTA Experience Day

This month, hams and Eggs will meet at Sesqui Centennial State Park, Group Camping area. We will be there at 9 am Saturday, hosting a breakfast of biscuits, gravy, doughnuts, and coffee. This is a great time to test your gear, ask questions, and enjoy the fellowship outdoors. Like ARRL Field Day, when you check in at the gate, let them know you are there for the Radio Club Event in the Group Camping area.

We will monitor Club Repeater 147.330 if you have any questions or need directions. So, what to bring? You are welcome to bring your gear and setup, we have the entire area to ourselves, and there will be plenty of help if needed.


Parks on the Air: This is an excellent opportunity to activate the park; you only need ten contacts. We will have plenty of ways to get you on the air.

Bill W4SFV Clock Kit Build: Bill discussed his new little clock kit at the last club meeting. He will have kits available to buy and build at the event. The cost is $10 per clock.

Gear Testing: Great opportunity to test your radio, antenna, and portable power. We will have plenty of space for all who want to join.

Title: Exploring Nature’s Wonders through Parks on the Air (POTA)

In an increasingly digital world, it’s refreshing to find a hobby combining nature’s wonders with the art of radio communication. Parks on the Air (POTA) is a captivating activity that brings amateur radio operators out of their shacks and into the great outdoors. By setting up portable radio stations in parks, forests, and other natural areas, participants not only indulge in their passion for radio but also immerse themselves in the beauty and tranquility of Mother Nature.

POTA enthusiasts travel to designated parks with portable antennas, radios, and batteries. The objective? To establish radio contacts with fellow operators across the globe, exchanging signals and experiencing the thrill of communication through various bands and modes. Whether the crackle of Morse code echoing through the trees or the clarity of voice transmissions amidst breathtaking landscapes, POTA offers a unique fusion of technology and nature. It presents an opportunity for operators to challenge their skills in adapting to different environments, setting up efficient antennas in the wilderness, and overcoming the logistical hurdles of operating in remote areas.

Beyond the technical aspects, POTA is also about building connections and fostering a sense of community. As operators navigate national parks, wildlife reserves, and other public lands, they meet like-minded individuals who share their love for radio and the great outdoors. The POTA website serves as a central hub, listing designated parks and providing a platform for operators to log their contacts, track their progress, and engage in friendly competition. Through POTA, operators contribute to the preservation of natural areas and inspire others to explore and appreciate the beauty of the world around them.

Parks on the Air (POTA) is more than just a hobby; it’s a gateway to new experiences, adventures, and friendships. By combining the thrill of radio communication with the serenity of natural environments, POTA enthusiasts immerse themselves in an extraordinary blend of technology and nature. So, if you’re seeking a unique way to explore the world, connect with fellow radio enthusiasts, and contribute to preserving our precious parks, grab your radio gear and embark on a POTA adventure. The wilderness awaits!

We hope to see you all there!


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