Jimmy Doolittle Special Event April 16, 2022

General Doolittle was awarded the Medal of Honor for personal valor and leadership as commander of the Doolittle Raids, a bold long-range retaliatory air raid on some of the Japanese main islands on April 18, 1942, four months after the attack on Pearl Harbor. The raid used 16 B-25B Mitchell medium bombers with reduced armament to decrease weight and increase range, each with a crew of five and no escort fighter aircraft. It was a major morale booster for the United States and Doolittle was celebrated as a hero, making him one of the most important national figures of the war.

Earl Dean W4ESDis seeking volunteer operators that will commit to working this event field day style honoring the Doolittle Raiders 80th anniversary from a yet to be determined location. For more details/information contact Jim Lathan.

As always we look forward to the club members’ support.

Jim Lathan, W4JLP
CARC Club President

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