Ham Gadgets!

My apologies for the delay in getting this posted. At several club meetings and Hams and Eggs breakfasts, we highlighted several cool and handy Ham gadgets. Here are a few…

Quadra runs as a dedicated HamClock appliance on a TV or monitor (1080p or higher). Our HamClock setup program makes this as easy as a few clicks. You can also view your clock in a browser on any Windows or Mac PC, Apple or Android tablet/phone, or on a smart TV in your local network.

Inovato Home – inovato

The GeoBook 240 laptop expertly balances portability and productivity in a 14-inch form factor, combining a lightweight frame with intuitive design features. A Full HD (1920 x 1080) screen delivers crisp, clear visuals, and GeoBook 240 comes pre-loaded with Windows 10 in S Mode, so it’s an ideal portable work or study device. What makes this a great Ham gadget is it uses 12v DC!

Get for POTA, Field Day login, and more.

Available on eBay: geobook 240 for sale | eBay

NPR-70 v05 Modem by F4HDK | New Packet Radio over 70cm Band | Amateur Radio Packet Radio

Tired of the low data rate on the old-styled traditional packet radio? Here comes the NEW PACKET RADIO by French Ham F4HDK. NPR-70 means new packet radio over 70cm band. The NPR-70 is an open-source project posted on HACKADAY.
The modem’s protocol is designed by F4HDK, without any encryption, which meets the regulations of amateur radio laws. Meanwhile, the modem has a built-in radio transceiver with 500mW RF power output, so there is no additional external radio needed for transmitting and receiving radio signals. You may add an RF power amplifier to boost the 500mW. The configuration of the modem could be done from a PC via telnet or USB-serial Terminal, no additional software is needed.

NPR-70 v05 Modem by F4HDK | New Packet Radio over 70cm Band | Amateur Radio Packet Radio | Factory-Assembled | ELEKITSORPARTS

SWR-120-TFT 120W RF Power & SWR Meter | TFT Color Display 240*240 | HF+6M with SWR Threshold Alert

The SWR meter introduced here features a compact size and a built-in battery, the SWR-120 TFT SWR meter is capable of measuring multiple parameters at one time. With dimensions of 88mm * 63mm * 38mm, this device is perfect for those who need a portable, yet reliable power SWR meter. The aluminum housing provides added protection, durability, and RF shielding, while the RF input through SL16(SO239) ports ensures a secure connection. The HF+6M Frequency range allows for wide-ranging measurements, and the Type-C connection for battery charge makes it easy to keep the built-in 3.7v / 1000mAh battery powered up. The 240*240 TFT color display provides easy and clear readings, while the automatic TX sensing ensures accurate readings every time. The battery’s low-voltage protection provides added safety, and the SWR alert indication by LED makes it easy to know when readings are outside of normal parameters. 

SWR-120-TFT 120W RF Power & SWR Meter | TFT Color Display 240*240 | HF+6M with SWR Threshold Alert | ELEKITSORPARTS

Smart 50W HF Amplifier PA50 Plus | Linear Amplifier with Auto Band Sensing | Amplifier for ICOM-705 and Xiegu X6100

Important Notice: The new Plus version currently is out of stock.

The Micro PA50 is a smart and powerful ICOM-705 and Xiegu X6100 amplifier that boasts a 3.5-28.5MHz linear RF power range with a maximum output of 50W. The OLED display offers clear and precise readings of RF in and out levels, SWR values, temperature, and DC voltage.

This ICOM-705 and Xiegu X6100 amplifier have advanced features, including automatic TX/RX switching and automatic LPF switching, as well as high SWR protection, low voltage protection, and high-temperature protection to ensure safe and efficient operation. In addition, the CW semi-break-in mode allows for seamless operation during transmit and receive.

The Micro PA50 is compatible with the ICOM and Xiegu radios through its ACC port, making it straightforward to work with your ICOM-705 and Xiegu X6100 radios by simply using an ACC cable. It’s a cost-effective solution for those looking for a reasonably performing amplifier for their ICOM-705 and Xiegu X6100. The compact and sturdy black aluminum housing measures 88mm x 38mm x 143mm, making it both practical and easy to transport.

Smart 50W HF Amplifier PA50 Plus | Linear Amplifier with Auto Band Sensing | Amplifier for ICOM-705 and Xiegu X6100 | ELEKITSORPARTS

RFinder B1-Plus Radio

The First Two Way FM/DMR Dual Band Radio – Created by Amateur Radio Operators for Amateur Radio Operators.

Your Voice Matters at RFinder because YOU ARE Amateur Radio.

RFinder Does What No Other Amateur Radio Can Do!

RFinder radios have everything you need BUILT-IN to transmit digitally and on UHF/VHF frequencies.

**No more searching and programming the repeaters you want to use

**Simple Point-and-Click Technology

**No Codeplugs!

RFinder = DMR Simplified!

RFinder B1-Plus Radio – RFinder Android Radio (androiddmr.com)

RFinder PortAzEl Portable 12V Bluetooth Az El Rotator Satellite Tracker

Made in the USA from high-quality CNC machined components: The new RFinder PortAzEl. Derived from an older product created originally by Portable Rotation now greatly improved. A new controller that is Bluetooth enabled to allow control from the RFinder Android radios. Yes, all-in-one software is included in RFinder to control the antenna and allow communications directly with birds with FM transponders. All automatic…Doppler, magnetic deviation, satellite tracking directly from your RFinder radio (or a PC or Mac using serial over USB)…contact us if you want to upgrade your older Portable Rotation device to the new controller! Try jumping on HTTP://zoom.rfinder.net or FB messenger fb.com/w2cyk.

RFinder PortAzEl Portable 12V Bluetooth Az El Rotator Now Shipping!!! – RFinder Android Radio (androiddmr.com)

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