FT8CALL, The NEWEST HF Digital Mode

A New FT8 with Rag Chew Abilities:

Tom Wright (NN2X)

August 12, 2018

Hello Fellow Ham operators

Yes indeed there is a NEW FT8, in which you can have a QSO!!! (Called FT8CALL)

This is what we have been waiting for, at least for those who desire to have a QSO rather than just signal exchange!

This inventor for FT8CALL, is Jordan T Shere, (KN4CRD), we can thank him! FT8CALL has the same performance as FT8 (-24dB), but having a QSO.

It is brand new and still under development….But we can use the program (FT8CALL),

FT8CALL Very similar as WSJTX, but a separate platform, however, you will see the same layout, even the same icon

Here is the document (You may just have to google FT8CALL, and join the Google Group)



The frequencies are set, for example 20 meters, is 14.080..(In the manual it has suggested all the frequencies for each band)

I am using HRD/DM780, I just selected HRD (In FT8CALL)…and i was off and running

For those who use FT8 (WSJTX), you will have no issues with FT8CALL

This should take off like wild fire!

C U on the Bands



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