Winter Field Day – details

Winter field day is scheduled for Jan 27 and 28 2019.   Everyone is invited

Event held at DoKo Meadows, Blythewood SC

Elevation at DoKo Meadows is 530 Feet..

Friday:  Campers/RVs  arrive and start set-up in the afternoon.  Help is welcome Friday afternoon.

Saturday:  Morning will be antenna erection and set-up.  If you would like to see HF antennas erected Saturday morning is the time.  At 1:30 we will meet at a central point (listen on 146.400 for details) and brief on the proper use of callsign W4CAE, frequencies each will be assigned to, the correct way to call CQ and the correct use of the logging program N3FJP.  Logging program N3FJP is the ONLY approved logging program that will be used with W4CAE callsign. You should have this installed on your laptop and properly configured BEFORE coming out to DoKo Meadows. The current version of N3FJP winter field day contest log should be downloaded and installed on your computer.

Click here or go to N3FJP.COM


At 2:00 PM we will start contesting and go til 2:00 PM Sunday.

If you miss this outing you will miss a great learning experience and a lot of fun.

Remember to bring your own food and drinks.  We will NOT have hook up to electricity, water or sewer. DoKo does have bathrooms that we can use. 


Talk in freq:  147.330

DOKO Meadows talk around simplex:  146.400

We looking forward to meeting you.

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