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SC QSO Party is Coming

2013 SC Amateur Radio PopulationThe SC QSO party is coming up on Sept. 21st from 10AM to 11PM local time. This is a ” fun event for SC amateurs to get on the HF airwaves and give out some contacts while being the “chased”, i.e.: other ops will be actively seeking to work you since you are in SC. Just get on the air and call “CQ South Carolina QSO Party” (or “CQ SCQ” on CW).

The exchange is pretty simple: SC stations will send Report and County. For example on phone: “59 Richland”, or CW: “599 RICH”. Non-SC stations will send a report and their State/Province. For example: “59 Alabama” or “599 AL”. You can find a full list of the county abbreviations and further info in the official rules.

There’s also an interesting map on that site that shows the current county by county breakdown of licensed Amateur ops. There are a few counties with less than 20!

See the official SCQSO Party website for more details and we hope to hear you on the air!

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  1. Hummmm ( wife calls me ) hey you :-)

    Is the carc going to set up a mobile command much like the past if so where

    1. KK4DSD

      I’m not sure if anything is planned or not. I know some discussions were made about that but don’t think they were ever finalized. The club trailer is undergoing renovation and the Hearts trailer will be at the MS 150.

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