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SC QSO Party 2018

 The QSO party is coming up folks.

We need mobile Amateur Radio Operators to spread out so all of our counties are covered just like last year. If interested in covering a county please leave a comment here with your name, callsign and contact email or phone number and our coordinator will be in touch with you. The North Carolina QSO party is the following day so lets make a weekend of it.

Here is a SC county & highway map in two formats, JPG and PNG if you need it.




One of the club’s serious  DXers (K4CAE David) has offered to allow Technicians or Generals who have not operated on HF before to stop by his house and have an opportunity to operate on HF, with him as the control operator (you will use his callsign) on a FLEX software defined radio with a linear amplifier that is set to the legal limit. I have been to David’s radio room and it truly is impressive. He will give you a 10 minute session on the equipment and then give you the pilots chair. Not to worry, he will be close at hand should you have a question.  During last years QSO party he had 460+ contacts so buckle your seat belt.  This guy lives in the Spring Valley High School area so if that’s good for you and you have a little free time why not stop by and join the QSO Party.

If interested please fill in the form below so we can get in touch with you and get you on the schedule. In the comments area please put down that you are interested in operating the FLEX or interested in covering a South Carolina county….Don’t forget to click on the SC QSO Party sign up button….



If you need more info on the SC QSO party rules, logging software etc  please click on the logo above.

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