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Photos: Code Practice Oscillator workshop

cpo_11Members of the Columbia Amateur Radio Club gathered at the Calhoun County EOC near Sandy Run Saturday and constructed code practice oscillator kits designed by Bill, W4FSV. The practice oscillators are useful for learning Morse code, and will provide hands-on experience for visitors to the club’s Mini Maker Faire on June 14.

Photos by KK4DSD

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  1. Steve Dornburg

    This might be a dumb question, but how might I obtain one of these kits to build? I’d love to build this thing and then learn code!

    1. KK4DSD

      That’s actually an excellent question! Bill, one of our members, has his own radio kit business and he sells these on there. Go to http://www.breadboardradio.com and look for it towards the bottom of his products page.

      I recommend all his kits actually. Very easy and fun to build.

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