Harbison 50K Event…details

Technician class license and above


Test your personal stamina,  your fortitude,  and your equipment versatility.

As in years past, we will provide communications for this event by locating Amateur Radio Operators  along the course to radio in problems or health issues.

This event will be conducted Saturday, January 5th at Harbison State Forest.

The race starts at 7:30am from the field in front of the gazebo. There will be a pre-event meeting of all Amateur Radio Operators at 6:30am at the Ranger Station in the middle of the park.

Primary frequency will be 147.360 repeater. Secondary frequency will be 146.400 simplex.

We will have a VHF/UHF Cross Band repeater setup at the park so if you ever wanted to try cross band repeating with your mobile or handheld this is an excellent opportunity. The radio you bring must be a dual band radio, VHF and UHF (if you want to try cross band repeating otherwise a VHF radio is fine). Please bring the user manual for your radio and we will help you setup to transmit on UHF simplex with a CTCS tone.

Tammy, N4TAL, at N4TAL@att.net will be coordinating this event.

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