SC Peach Festival – Special Event

I’d like to take moment to thank Dennis Fowler, KG4JIA, for putting W4W, a special event station commemorating the SC Peach Festival, on the air on July 20, 2019.  W4W was active from noon till midnight and this is the fourth consecutive year that Dennis has operated a special event station during the Peach festival. I haven’t seen the results of the event yet, but I hope that he was able to exceed last year’s total of

100 contacts. Be sure to mark the 2020 SC Peach Festival on your calendars, which will be held from July 16, 2020 through July 19, 2020.

Look for Dennis on the air during the afternoon and evening of July 19, 2020. I will share more details as they come in.

Marc N4UFP

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