Harbison 50K/25K Trail Race 2021


The Harbison 50K/25K is a trail race in Columbia, SC. Runners will make their way through technical single track trails, fire roads, wide trails and stream crossings while navigating plenty of rocks, roots and mud on the beautiful trails of the Harbison State Forest.

The Amateur Radio Operators that would like to volunteer for this event will be posted along the trail at predetermined locations. If this is your first time volunteering for this event please let us know that so we can team you up with an experienced operator. You will need a 2 meter radio, handheld is fine. You will be given the repeater and simplex frequencies we will be using several days before the race so you will have time to program your radio.  We will have many posts that need to be staffed. Please let us know if you want a post that is:

– I would like to operate from my vehicle

-I would like to operate near my vehicle

– I can hike to a post that is 30 min away from my vehicle

-I can drive to a post that is “off the trail” (4 wheel drive mudding)

– I would like to operate as a Net Controller (please tell us if you have experience)

– I have no preference

Tammy is coordinating this so please send her an email if interested in volunteering N4TAL@ATT.NET


Things to consider:

  • Bring a lunch and water in a cooler, this is an all day event.
  • Bring a fold up chair, you might want to sit down after you get to your post.
  • If hiking to a post be prepared to hike, shoes, print out of the trail.
  • Since this is January you will not need any bug spray but you will need to keep warm at your post.
  • A very common question from the runners is how much further to the next water stop. You should know the answer to this question while at your post.
  • This event has been staffed by Amateur Radio Operators for years and as such we have answers to every question that you have.
  • First time operators will be teamed up with an experienced operator.
  • The Columbia Amateur Radio Club is the focal point for this event. You do NOT have to be a member to volunteer for this event. Typically we have operators from all over South Carolina and our neighbor states participate.
  • Cross Band Repeating, if you intend to cross band repeat during this event you must advise us ahead of time and receive permission. If you have never operated in a cross band repeating mode before then this is NOT the event to practice, we will have to much radio traffic to deal with the challenges that come with cross band repeating.
  • You will be asked to tell us what radio you intend to use, we know the posts that have trouble getting to or receiving Net Control in simplex mode and we will try to post you at a spot to avoid any issues.
  • In the past when we had radio reception issues it is common for Net Control to have some operators on a repeater frequency and the other operators on simplex. If your radio is dual band you might want to be ready to receive on one frequency and transmit/receive on a second frequency. This way you will know if Net Control is busy with another station.
  • This event is a very good exercise for us operators to practice our deployment skills.


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