Amateur Radio Operator TESTING @ SCETV building

SCHEART will be offering Amateur Radio Operator  Testing on June 20 2020

Testing will be offered on June 20 at 08:30am. Please bring a photo ID, An original and copy of any Ham Radio license and $10.00 cash. If a child is testing and has no photo I.D., bring a copy of a birth certificate. Also bring your FRN number, if you are taking the Technician test, very important. If you have trouble getting your FRN please contact before June 20.

Testing  will be held at SCETV headquarters, 1041 George Rogers Blvd. Columbia, SC  starting at  9:00 am SHARP, If you arrive after the testing starts at 9:00am you may be turned away. 

Please refer any questions to


        VE’s please be at SCETV by 8:15 am sharp to setup


We will practice safe distancing as best as we can.  Attend at your own risk and wear a mask if desired.
If you have tested for COVID19 and the results are either not returned, came back positive, or have been around anyone having done the same, you cannot attend the testing. A 14 day quarantine is required. This goes the same with the VE’s.


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