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Bugging Out: Create your survival checklist

By Jay Leeper, W4TFX


Jay Leeper, W4TFX

I’m going to try something new for the club newsletter – the creation of a column dedicated to the bug out bag!

There will be something new each newsletter, focusing on tips to use to prepare for the moment’s notice emergency support. Areas covered will be creation and use of a checklist; selecting a pack or container, healthcare, navigation, shelter, insulation, communications, hydration, sun protection, tools, nutrition, and fire. Each topic will be explored in detail, and feedback is welcome.

A bug-out bag is a portable kit that normally contains the items one would require to survive for seventy-two hours when evacuating from a disaster. The focus is on evacuation, rather than long-term survival. In radio, we often call these go-kits.

First to be addressed is the creation of lists – a list for each component, and a list of components to be kept in a safe place away from the chosen container. Each element, such as health care, will have their own lists, and needs to be kept with the element. These lists could be examined when preparing for an event, to keep track of stock, and when leaving the event.

Stress and confusion surrounding an event help to lose track of items needed for the next occurrences and who borrowed what. When at home afterwards, a list will help determine what was useful, what could be left behind the next event, and items that might have been useful while there. Things that could be included in the list are date each article was added, when it would expire, quantity, borrowed, and a short list of ways to use.

The fun part of preparing lists is the dreaming, the mental work, living in the future with each choice, picturing the interaction of each item with the needs that arise, and the successful overcoming of each task on site.

So, take a look at the areas to be addressed, make a list, then as the subject is explored, compare and change as needed. See you all next month, when I’ll take a look at an exploration of the need, in conjunction with a choice of bags, containers, vests, and so forth. I will look at how each unit functions, the portability, and where to store it.

Jay Leeper, W4TFX, aka, The Fox, is an expert on survival, go-kits, and bug-out bags, and a CARC director. His columns will appear monthly.

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