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Our QSO Party Team @ EmComm Trailer

Picture by Jim Lathan W4JLP

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FCC crackdown on Baofeng HT ?

Watch this youtube video and learn about why this is an issue in the first place and what the FCC is doing about it.

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South Carolina A.R.E.S. Statewide HF Net

New time and frequency has been announced 3.990 at 6pm Tuesdays for the A.R.E.S. HF net originating out of South Carolina. All are welcome.

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Vara FM Digipeater Function is here

2021-01-28 00:34:04 Disconnected2021-01-28 00:34:04 QRT Received2021-01-28 00:33:39 Digipeating: WE5MAG <-> K4LLE <-> W1GTT-10 S/N: 2.0 dB2021-01-28 00:33:37 Starting Digipeater: WE5MAG <-> K4LLE <-> W1GTT-10…

Click anywhere here for more information on Vara FM digipeater function and how to set it up.

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