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October 5th club meeting – Radar Interpretation for SKYWARN Spotters

You must register before you can attend this virtual meeting. Please view the event calendar for the link to register. Do not wait until just before the meeting to do this, that might be to late.

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Request a ballot

If you are a club member and do not receive mailchimp emails you can request a ballot for the November club election directly. Just fill out this form and click submit

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Winlink P2P Group

If you would like to join please send an email to and ask for an invite to the slack channel. We are also experimenting with JS8call as the “on radio” platform to coordinate our activities in the event of no internet.

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South Carolina A.R.E.S. Statewide HF Net

New time and frequency has been announced 3.959 at 8pm Tuesdays for the A.R.E.S. HF net originating out of South Carolina. All are welcome. Don’t miss any of the Winlink training opportunities.

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