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April 4 general meeting notes

The Columbia Amateur Radio Club held their April general meeting on April 4. The following are documents, links and information relevant to the topics discussed.roger_mull

Main presentation

Roger Mull, KD4JQJ, of SCETV Engineering, delivered a comprehensive introduction to the world of “Digital Mobile Radio” or DMR. Check out his presentation for a look at the technology, some suggested radios and how to get started with this fascinating mode.

Volunteers needed

Tammy, N4TAL, is searching for volunteers to assist with the MS Walk on Saturday, April 9, Please e-mail her at n4tal@att.net if you would like to help out. This is an easy event and can be worked with a handheld radio.

April Workshop: CW Class

Tom Francis, W1TEF, will be conducting a multi-day Morse Code class April 20-23. Time and location is still to be determined. We will update here once we get details finalized, but save the dates if you are interested in learning the code.

Contesting 101 Class

The Swamp Fox Contest Group will present a “Contest Basics” class in Columbia, SC on Saturday April 30th at the ETV building near downtown Columbia (1041 George Rogers Blvd, Columbia, SC 29201).

The course is geared toward any amateur who is interested in contesting, but doesn’t know much about how to actually do it. It will be focused heavily, but not exclusively, on HF contesting. Although equipment and antenna use specific to contesting will be discussed, it is expected that students will be licensed amateurs with a working knowledge of radio communications.

If you’d like to participate, please RSVP to:

Dave Fuseler, NJ4F
President, Swamp Fox Contest Group

More details on the class can be found here: www.swampfoxcontestgroup.com/education


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