Many members of this club have had very good experiences with antennas and we would like to share these antennas with you. Also we like to make our own antennas from scratch, some did not turn out so well but others turned out to be very good antennas indeed. We would like to share the good ones with you. Click on the category of antenna you are interested in as we feature each members antenna, how they made it and a picture or two.

We hope this will give you ideas and help you with making an antenna choice. All of the antennas featured are in service with one of our members. This is not a wish list. We are happy to hear from you should you be interested in making your own.

Criteria to have your antenna featured:

  1. “in service” means you are either using the antenna today or it is in a box ready to be setup in a field day situation.
  2. If the antenna is purchased then it must be currently available to be purchased, it is on the market today.
  3. If the antenna is built then you must include all of the instructions/dimensions on how we can build it ourselves. Links to instructions/dimensions are fine so long as they work.
  4. Duplicates, if two members build the same antenna we want to feature both. We want to see how you built it and more importantly how you put it up. Take a picture or two so we can get some ideas.


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